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Retail Banking / Loans / Housing Loans / Army
Loan tenor
  1. Minimum 7 years & Maximum 25 years
  2. No grace period (i.e. client will directly start paying installments
Loan amount
  • Determined primarily according to the loan schedule sent from the Lebanese army institution according to applicant’s salary..
Up to 100% of the apartment purchase price or appraised value
Target market
Permanent Lebanese army soldiers and officers
Interest rate
Rate will be reviewed every year and calculated as (100% - % exemption from legal reserve)x 1 year TB yield+ fixed margin 1.628%. currently = 1.628% .
File fees

No file fees, no mortgage fees and no registration fees

Lebanese citizen for more then 10 years.
At least 23 years of age and able to complete 100% of the loan amount plus interest before the age of sixty eight (68) for army members (الرتبة) and (72) years for high ranked officers الضباط))