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Retail Banking / Loans / Car Loans / New Car
Lebanese citizen & Residing in Lebanon.
At least 21 years of age at loan initiation and 64 years old upon loan settlement.
  • For Salaried applicants: Single applicants need to have a minimum income of 800 USD. As for the married applicants, a minimum of 1,000 USD.
  • For Self Employed and Professionals: Applicants should have a minimum income of 1,500 USD.
Period of Employment
  • For salaried applicants: Period of employment should be 1 year uninterrupted.
  • For self employed applicants: Period of employment should be 2 years in the same sector.
  • For public sector applicants: Period of employment should be permanent.
Terms and conditions
• Currency
• Loan Amount
: Up to USD 100,000
• Loan Period
: Up to 5 years
• Min. down payment
: 25% of the car price
• Repayment
: Equal monthly installments
3.85% Flat Rate